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February 11, 2011
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UBF 2011- Twili by xXEternal-twilightXx UBF 2011- Twili by xXEternal-twilightXx
Round 1::bulletblue::star:: [link]
Round 2::bulletblue::star:: [link]
Round 3::bulletblue::star:: [link]
Round 4::bulletblue::star:: [link]
Round 5::bulletblue::star:: [link]
Round 6::bulletblue::star:: [link]

:bulletblue:Name: Twili
:bulletblue:Age: 17
:bulletblue:Personality: Super Nice, and super caring. She's always ready to help out a person stranger or not and can be very self sacrificing as well. But when tested or challenged, she can become very serious and determined.

:bulletyellow:Twili's Bag: [link]

:bulletblue:Occupation: Trainer/ Top Coordinator ( This is her first time in the UBF so she is very excited)

Likes: Traveling, making a good impression, helping others, using her ball seals, training with her pokemon, the color blue, stars, and food.

Dislikes: Rude/ evil people, dark places, having a bad hair day, when something is wrong, and thoes who are mean to their pokemon

:bulletblue:History: Living in Hearthome City, she grew up with a love for contest. At the age of 13 Twili started her journey to compete in Contest across the Sinnoh Region together with her pokemon. There were victories, and also some losses, but through it all she made it into the Sinnoh Grand Festivals, earning the title of top coordinator at age 15.
She decided to take a brief trip to the Unova Region with her childhood friend, but then decided to continue her journey in the Hoenn Region. There she managed again to achieve Top Coordinator at the Hoenn Grand Festival. Afterward she decided to participated in the Hoenn Battle Frontier to test her overall skills as a trainer, to prove to her childhood friend and Rival that she can be a strong pokemon Trainer as well as a Coordinator.
(This is a year before she took over :iconpokemon-coordinators:)

:bulletblue:Pokemon Team:

:star: Tane (Leafeon)- Twili's main pokemon, and her close companion. She found him as an Eevee in the Mr. Backlot's Trophy Garden one day when she was upset over the loss of her beloved Vaporeon sometime ago. The Eevee refused to leave her side so she decided to take him back home with her. They have not been separated ever since. During a trip to the Eterna forrest Tane found the moss rock and evolved into a leafeon. Tane enjoys battling over pokemon contest but always put on a good show for his trainer.

:star: Chrono (Togekiss)- Twili found Chrono as an egg abandoned near Wayward Cave. She raised the Togepi with tons of love and affection. It soon evolved into a Togetic, and then evolved once more into a Togekiss. Due to all the love and affection given by his trainer Chrono is bigger than the average Togekiss. Chrono is very sweet and loving to his trainer.

:star:Astrid (Duosion)- On a recent visit with her childhood friend in the Unova Region Twili found the oddly colored Solosis struggling to gather berries. She kind gave the tiny pokemon helping hand and Astrid was very greatful. The pokemon would not stop cuddling so she asked the Solosis if she wanted to join Twili and the she happily agreed. Astrid later evolved into a Duosisn. Astrid can very clingy to Twili, and is usually very shy around others.

:star: Nebu (Azumarill)- During her adventures in Hoenn Twili ran across this tough acting Azumarill that was causing some trouble in Petalberg. He wanted to challenge her to a battle. Twili agreed and won the battle gaining Nebu as her companion. He occasionally gets into arguments with the other pokemon especially Tane XD

:star: Skylar (Gallade)- One evening when Twili was returning home she came across the oddly colored Ralts. He was Very scared but he was also injured from a previous attack. She managed to get the Ralts to let her tend to his wounds. It then agreed to join her in her journey. Skylar was very Timid as a Ralts and a Kirlia, always trying to be brave like Tane. When He finally evolved into a Gallade he gain more courage. Even still Skylar is still on the shy side

:star:Micle (Tangrowth)- While tending to berries in a nearby town Twili ran into a very friendly Tangela that would always bring her Micle berries (a particularly rare berry) she then asked the Tangela if she would join her on the journey to top coordinator and she happily agreed. Micle not to long after evolved into a Tangrowth that loves finding rare berries. Micle enjoys making the team smile and loves to throw her Trainer high in the air as a sign of affection ^^;

:bulletblue:Additional Info:
*will Update soon :heart:~
If there's anything in particular you wanna know about her just lemme know :D


Pokemon (c) Copyright of Nintendo

Application (c) Copyright of UBF 2011
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